Fuel and Oil Separators

Discover Resolute Civils’ advanced range of fuel oil separators, engineered to safeguard Ireland’s environment by effectively managing oil contamination in surface water.

Our Range of Fuel Oil Seperator Solutions

Leading the Way in Oil Separation Technology With Kingspan

At Resolute Civils, we specialise in providing top-tier fuel oil separators by Kingspan, a crucial component for environmental protection and compliance. Our oil separators are designed to efficiently remove oil and other hydrocarbons from water, ensuring that only clean water is discharged back into the environment. This is not just a regulatory requirement but a commitment to sustainability.

Our range includes the highly acclaimed Kingspan Oil Separators, known for their reliability and effectiveness. These separators are ideal for a variety of applications, including car parks, roadways, and fuel distribution depots. With their advanced design, they offer superior performance in separating oil from water, ensuring that your site remains compliant with environmental standards.


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Diverse Range for Diverse Needs


Understanding the varied needs of our clients, we offer different types of oil separators, including fuel interceptor tanks and oil separator tanks

Our oil separators are not just products; they’re a blend of innovation and responsibility. They are constructed with robust materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The ease of installation and low maintenance requirements make them a preferred choice for businesses across Ireland.

In addition to our product range, we provide detailed information to help you make an informed decision. Whether you need a full retention system for a high-risk area or a bypass separator for lower risk sites, our team is ready to guide you through the selection process.

What Our Clients Say

A Few Words From Our Happy Clients

Very professional from start to finish. Great installation team
Brenda Mccann
Brenda Mccann
Very good professional services.
Kevin Delany
Kevin Delany
Very professional, well installed and easy to work with on grants etc. The panels are working great since installation earlier this year. I would definitely recommend
Brian Tonge
Brian Tonge
Joe & John in Resolute were very easy to deal with. What I especially likes was that they kept saying "no" to me. I needed this because my initial hopes of what solar could do for me was wildly unrealistic. This way I made an informed decision with realistic expectations. I can not recommend Resolute Engineering enough, especially to the novice. Shay Rohan Roscommon
Shay Rohan
Shay Rohan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fuel oil separator?

It is a device designed to remove oil and hydrocarbons from water, ensuring that only clean water is discharged into the environment. It’s essential for preventing water pollution.

How does a fuel oil separator work?

It works by using gravity to separate oil and other light liquids from water. The oil, being lighter than water, rises to the top and is trapped, while the cleaner water is discharged.

Where are fuel oil separators commonly used?

They are commonly used in locations where there’s a risk of oil contamination, such as car parks, garages, refuelling stations, and industrial sites.

What are the types of fuel oil separators?

There are mainly two types of fuel oil separators: full retention systems, which treat all flows, and bypass separators, which treat flows up to a specific limit and bypass excess water.

How often should a fuel oil separator be maintained?

Maintenance frequency for an oil separator depends on its usage and the amount of oil it processes, but it’s generally recommended to inspect and clean them at least twice a year.

What is the difference between a fuel oil separator and a grease trap?

A fuel oil separator is designed to separate oil and hydrocarbons from water, while a grease trap specifically targets grease and fats, primarily used in kitchen wastewater systems.

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