StormTech Stormwater Attenuation Systems

Explore our advanced StormTech stormwater attenuation systems, designed to offer efficient and eco-friendly solutions for stormwater management.

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Top Quality Stormwater Attenuation Systems in Ireland

Stormwater management is a critical aspect of modern construction and environmental sustainability.

At Resolute Civils, we specialise in providing state-of-the-art StormTech Attenuation Systemss and attenuation tanks by StormTech, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across Ireland.

Our systems are designed not just to manage stormwater effectively but to do so in a way that supports environmental conservation and urban planning efficiency.

Our StormTech solutions are renowned for their reliability and adaptability to various site conditions. Whether you’re dealing with a commercial, residential, or industrial project, our systems ensure optimal stormwater management. By choosing StormTech attenuation systems, you’re investing in a solution that offers durability, efficiency, and compliance with the latest environmental regulations.


Our Recent StormTech Stormwater Attenuation Projects

Diverse Range of Stormwater Attenuation Tanks & Chambers in Ireland

StormTech’s initial range were the SC-310 and the SC-740 in 2002, since then range has been expanded to include SC-160LP, the SC-310, the SC-740, the DC-780, the MC-3500 and the MC-4500. The SC-310, SC-740 and the MC-3500 are the prominent StormTech chambers systems within the Irish market. 

At Resolute Civils, our commitment to providing comprehensive stormwater solutions is reflected in our extensive range of attenuation tanks by StormTech. We are proud to offer high-quality StormTech attenuation systems, renowned for their efficiency and reliability. 

Stormwater attenuation tanks & chamber systems are engineered for optimal performance, addressing the challenges of excess rainfall and flood risk mitigation. As a leading supplier of attenuation tanks in Ireland, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed expectations in terms of environmental impact and efficiency. Trust in our expertise to provide you with a solution that is both effective and sustainable.

Stormwater Attenuation System Pricing in Ireland

At Resolute Civils, we provide tailored stormwater attenuation systems for both commercial and residential properties, ensuring each system meets the specific needs of the project based on system size, specific requirements, and installation location.

Cost Influencing Factors

The cost of our systems is influenced by the complexity of design and installation required for larger systems, custom features such as advanced filtration, and the specific conditions of the installation site including accessibility and local regulations.

Price Range

Our systems are highly customizable, with stormwater attenuation system costs ranging from €5,000 to €10,000 for basic setups in smaller properties. For larger, more complex installations requiring specialized features, prices will increase accordingly.

Custom Quotes

For the most accurate and tailored pricing, we encourage potential clients to contact our team directly. Our experts will provide a detailed quote based on the specific requirements and specifications of your project.

More About StormTech Stormwater Attenuation Tanks

The range of StormTech chambers & tanks are accredited with BBA, CSTB, DiBT, AASHTO, ASTM Certification. They have demonstrated their high loading capacity and can be used under roads, carparks, and commercial parks.

An integral part of the innovative design in the addition of the StormTech Isolator Row which enables the inexpensive removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal and provides easy access and maintenance.

Why not try StormTech Design Tool and do the high level design on our own system today?

Additional Storm Tech Resources

Interactive Design Tool

Our interactive design tool allows you to plan a project quickly and very efficiently.

Product Documentation

Find StormTech product manuals, warranties, information sheets and more.

Acceptable Fill Materials

Detailed information about the fill materials specification and locations within the system.

Acceptable Geotextiles

A comprehensive review and comparison of acceptable geotextiles of various manufacturers.

StormTech has well over ten thousand chamber systems in service throughout the world. All StormTech chambers are designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity. The StormTech system is designed primarily to be used under car parks, roadways and heavy earth loads saving valuable land and protecting water resources for commercial and municipal applications.

Resolute Engineering Group Ltd offer a Engineers Ireland accredited CPD training on Sustainable Urban Drainage Design and would be delighted to provide assistance on any attenuation project.

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Very professional from start to finish. Great installation team
Brenda Mccann
Brenda Mccann
Very good professional services.
Kevin Delany
Kevin Delany
Very professional, well installed and easy to work with on grants etc. The panels are working great since installation earlier this year. I would definitely recommend
Brian Tonge
Brian Tonge
Joe & John in Resolute were very easy to deal with. What I especially likes was that they kept saying "no" to me. I needed this because my initial hopes of what solar could do for me was wildly unrealistic. This way I made an informed decision with realistic expectations. I can not recommend Resolute Engineering enough, especially to the novice. Shay Rohan Roscommon
Shay Rohan
Shay Rohan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stormwater management?

Stormwater management involves temporarily storing rainwater or stormwater and then releasing it slowly to prevent flooding and overloading drainage systems.

Why is stormwater management necessary?

Stormwater management is essential in areas with heavy rainfall to manage excess water, reduce flood risks, and protect public stormwater and sewage systems from being overwhelmed.

How do StormTech attenuation systems work?

StormTech attenuation systems collect and convey rainwater through drainage, storing it in underground chambers or tanks, and then releasing it at a controlled rate to manage water flow.

How often do StormTech attenuation systems need maintenance?

The maintenance frequency for StormTech attenuation systems varies based on usage and system type. Regular inspections and maintenance are recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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